Sunday, January 22, 2017

Way Of The Samurai 4...3

Ever wanted to be a samurai? A gifted swordsman? Speak Japanese fluently?

Both Way of the Samurai 4 (which was released prior to 3) and Way of the Samurai 3 - The Prequel allow for you to explore life & death in 19th Century Japan.

There are factions at odds with each other. In WotS3 some are foreign nations wishing to open Japan to the rest of the world. While the others are those who would also open the country and those who oppose it.

Sandbox sort of games that allow you to explore a small map of a fictional town.
You play a samurai with no lord. Ronin.
The decisions you make will make or break alliances and drive the story forward.

Short game but one in which you are expected to replay to see the alternate outcomes.

There are touches in both games that make for fun and immersive and there are times when you wished they had kept this mechanic or that from the earlier game.
For instance; in WotS3 all the characters, even the British speak Japanese by default with subtitles included.
In WotS4 they have all learned to speak English, although when wandering you'll hear Japanese chatter from the NPCs wandering about. And yes, you can change it back but good luck finding it - the UI is awful)
I found the Japanese language only a better mood setting tool.

In 4 there are more customization choices. Clothes, your katana et cetera.

Fight sequences are easy. This is not a fighting game. It is an RPG with fighting included. The moves get easier in 4 than they are in WotS3. You will feel like "Kiddo" in Kill Bill with little or no work. You will not be practicing moves or trying to improve your technique.
It is still most satisfying when you battle three enemies and emerge triumphant and unbloodied.

Both are enjoyable. Although I would suggest to wait for Steam sales before purchasing though.
Way of the Samurai 3 is $19.99 on steam at full price and 4 goes for $24.99.

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