Friday, January 19, 2018

Glasses - ThinOptics Versus Nooz

Chances are you've seen the ads on TV for ThinOptics.
I have.
After I had purchased a pair of Pince-nez glasses named Nooz.

A French firm made them. Great idea in a pair of magnifying reading glasses.
For $25 you get your choice of colors and a case which can be attached to your key-chain if you desire.
(More on that in a bit)

The connection between lenses is a gummy sort of plastic. Very flexible and meant to adhere to the bridge of your nose.
As a pair you can store in a pocket, it is a good idea.

Unfortunately the execution leaves much to be desired.
If you perspire at all, it will not stay in place. If your nose has any oil, it slips.
If you attach it to the key-chain as shown, the glasses will be pulled out of the case as you extract your keys from blue jean pockets.

And the biggest con in the list as far as I am concerned was the magnifications offered.
At the time I ordered them the lowest magnification was 1.50. That has since been lowered to a 1.00 - 1.25 range.

Lucky me that my eyes have remained at a steady 1.25 since I started wearing lenses at all.

Same basic concept with one important addition, the nose clips. Very thin metallic strips that keep the glasses affixed even when sweaty.
(Yay, I can read my phone at the gym?)

Same gummy nose material with the clips. You can bend them in many ways with no damage.

Same magnifications available with a selection of "clever" cases.

A bit of derision since I see the cases as half the selling point.
The glasses are touted as $19.95.
Oh? You want a case? $5 for the regular one with a strip of adhesive to stick your glasses to your phone case. $27 with shipping etc.
(Careful not to obscure the camera or speaker when doing so)

You want the phone case with the holder built in? $30.
The "made for the key-chain" model that requires you to perform yoga to bend the frame into the case.

Huge mehs all around for the cases.
But the strips for your nose make a huge difference in my ability to utilize the glasses.

And that makes 100% difference.

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